Coaching & Consultation

We are professional coaches who help clients take action-oriented steps towards their professional and personal development in a positive, results-oriented manner. Coaching empowers you to find solutions and build skills to make the changes needed to live your best life. What are the types of professionals you work with? We work with a variety of […]



For many very good reasons (such as lack of child care, long commute times, overly busy work schedules, etc.), clients may not be able to readily make it into our Lakefront offices. We get it. Traffic is bad in the Chicago area and it can be quite stressful just to make it to an appointment! […]



After spending a tremendous amount and time and effort on your education and training, why not continue to hone your skills with the support of highly seasoned and skilled therapists? Combined, we have many years of experience providing clinical supervision to students, both graduate and post graduate, and to licensed clinical social workers, psychologists and […]



Do you have a group that could use some helpful information from a mental health professional or relationship expert? You can hire one or more of our therapists to facilitate a presentation, speech or workshop ranging from continuing legal education for law firms to parent and teacher education in school settings to workplace trainings. What topics can […]

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