Young Adults

In today’s world, young adults face unique challenges. Legally, you are allowed to vote, and if you’re at least 21, you can now buy alcohol at the store. Still, you may not have the life experience that that you would like to make the best choices for yourself.

What are the challenges young adults face?

Young adults face many challenges as they leave childhood and enter “the real world.” Here are some of the myriad of challenges and milestones you are likely to encounter:

  • Create an identity which is not imposed on you by other’s expectations – like peer pressure or family expectations
  • Establish close post college relationships
  • Excel at a wide variety of activities
  • Find a partner or build a family
  • Get into a prestigious university
  • Get the highest grades possible in high school and college
  • Graduate with honors
  • Manage drug or alcohol use, often from peer pressure
  • Navigate parental relationships
  • Pay down significant debt
  • Pick a career
  • Start a career
  • Become self-supporting
  • Manage money
  • Develop credit and think about savings

All while in your late teens to early 20’s! Yikes!

This is understandably very difficult, and it can be particularly demanding to try and do this on your own.

At Lakefront, we understand your situation and will work closely with you in a safe and nonjudgmental space to help set priorities, consider alternatives, and create a plan for your unique and individual success. Our goal is to help you transition to adulthood with confidence. By working together, we can get you there.

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