Divorce & Separation

Whether you are contemplating, initiating, or part way through a divorce of separation, or even if the break-up is well in the past, finding a new balance and creating healthy new connections can be difficult. It may ultimately be a wise choice that you are moving on from a relationship that is not going to work out, but it is equally important to move into this new phase of life armed with a positive mindset and useful strategies to work through this major life transition.

Whether you are separating or divorced, we provide non-judgmental support and proven tools to help you recover and thrive. We will work with you to build upon your own strengths and experiences to move into your future in a way that is based on health and personal growth. 

What is divorce and separation therapy like? Is it just for individuals?

Divorce doesn’t just affect the spouses. It also affects their families and new relationships down the road. Counseling and therapy helps individuals, couples, and families recover from separation and divorce. We offer approaches and skills to provide the healthiest collaborative divorces, co-parenting and divorce coaching and therapy, all with the goal of easing transitions for both children and parents.

What services does Lakefront Counseling Group provide?

If you want to recover from or persevere through a breakup, we are here for you. We offer the following services:

  • Counseling regarding coping through the separation process
  • Co-parenting counseling
  • Help with moving forward to life on your own or with a new partner
  • Parenting in this new environment
  • Post-divorce and separation adjustment
  • Potential reunification therapy
  • Tools to manage extended family challenges

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