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When relationships struggle or end, it hurts. That hurt can be all consuming and disrupt every aspect of your life including how you feel about yourself. You may feel hopeless and believe that the strife and pain you feel will never end. You may feel stuck and unable to change a relationship where you feel alone, emotionally triggered and activated, undervalued or even abused.

You may have tried again and again to change the negative relationship patterns that follow you from one dating partner to the next. You seem to make the same mistakes, and you are struggling to make your relationships happy and healthy.

If you are single and dating, you may be in search of a meaningful relationship but can’t seem to find the right partner, or you are having a hard time “committing”.  Dating is not always the adventurous journey it is portrayed to be. It can often feel like a rollercoaster ride with emotional ups and downs, twists and turns, and highs and lows. Dating today is in many ways more complicated, more stressful and overwhelming.  This can be especially so due to the availability of dating apps, with the lack of knowingness about your date which can create uncertainty and even fear.

But dating really doesn’t have to be so stressful.

What can dating therapy do?

Dating therapy can help you identify what you truly want out of a date and a relationship down the road. Dating is a journey and we can help you make it a more enjoyable one. You have the opportunity to discover new things about yourself and enhance your life as a whole.

How does Lakefront Counseling Group help with dating and relationships?

We can help you where you can talk about your relationships and dating behaviors in a safe space, free from the outside world and judgment. Whether you are single and dating or in a relationship, we can show you how to “do love well” and find the relationship you desire.

  • Build tools to better assess your dating style and decision-making
  • Discover your biggest strengths in the dating world
  • Feel confident knowing that you CAN “love well”.
  • Feel more attached in a positive way and have a greater sense of peace.
  • Find out how to get what you need.
  • Identify the obstacles keeping you from the love life you want
  • Learn about ingrained patterns of communicating that are preventing you from having the relationship you want.
  • Reduce struggle and stress and feel more appreciated and loved.
  • Trust more and have deeper intimacy.
  • Uncover the “missing link” to your relationship happiness.

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