Anger & Impulse Control

We all feel angry from time to time. It’s a perfectly natural emotion that tells us things about our relationships and ourselves. However, how you express and channel your anger determines how effective you are at using it in positive ways.

It’s generally impossible to avoid everything that triggers intense feelings of anger. But when your anger negatively affects your relationships and the people and things you care about, that’s when it becomes a problem. Anger management counseling can help you learn to control your reactions and help you respond to in a calmer and more thoughtful way. 

How Does Anger Management Counseling Work?

Anger management counseling begins by exploring the roots of your anger. Often, the cause co-exists with other strong feelings, such as helplessness, rage, sadness, and frustration.

As we identify your triggers, we will also develop emotional regulation strategies to help control and focus your anger in a safe and healthy way.

At Lakefront Counseling Group, our techniques may include mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and learning new communication skills. 

Do I Need Anger Management Counseling?

Your anger triggers may not exactly be like another person’s. However, if you answer yes to many of these questions, you probably do need help managing your anger.

  • Are you having trouble moving past a trauma or hurt?
  • Are you prone to violence — including to yourself?
  • Are you suffering from addiction?
  • Do you experience episodes of rage which are difficult to recover from?
  • Do you hold onto grudges for long periods of time?
  • Do you lack control of your anger and feel controlled by it?
  • Do you ruminate about how others have hurt you and think about revenge?
  • Do you sometimes bully others?
  • Have you been diagnosed with PTSD?

If you’re still unsure after answering these questions, please contact us and request a consultation. Our skilled therapists will be happy do discuss your specific issues and determine if anger therapy is right for you.

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