For many very good reasons (such as lack of child care, long commute times, overly busy work schedules, etc.), clients may not be able to readily make it into our Lakefront offices. We get it. Traffic is bad in the Chicago area and it can be quite stressful just to make it to an appointment!

How do you provide telehealth therapy sessions?

Lakefront offers telehealth sessions which are done via real-time two-way videoconferencing. Specifically, we utilize Jituzu Video Conferencing which is HIPAA compliant and easy to use.

Some of the pros of utilizing telehealth include:

  • Lots of clinical research demonstrates that tele-therapy has been proven as an effective medium of care for essentially all populations and within all settings
  • Children and young adults are particularly receptive to it
  • No commute, no parking, no waiting room! Sessions are less stressful!
  • Can continue to work with therapist even when not at home (e.g., a vacation home, college, etc.).

I live far away and my partner travels alot, is telehealth available for couples therapy too?

Unfortunately, telehealth is only available to Illinois residents and is not available for couples therapy.

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We offer telehealth sessions which are done via real-time two-way videoconferencing and it is only available to Illinois residents.

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