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We want to assure you that during these difficult times, Lakefront Counseling Group remains open and available to our current as well as new clients as we deal with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak. To ensure that all of our clients are able to access our services safely, we are providing a variety of ways to receive the full array of counseling services.

We use Jituzu,, a HIPAA compliant, easy-to-use platform which enables you to continue to gain access to therapy services with the comfort of knowing that the line is secure and private. Telehealth, also known as virtual therapy, provides the same treatment as meeting in person.

How do you provide telehealth therapy sessions? 

Telehealth therapy is accessible through your phone, tablet, laptop or any device with an internet connection and a camera. It’s like using Facetime or Skype, but secure.

  • Scheduling your appointment time and the length of your session is also the same as in-person sessions.
  • Once you and your therapist have determined an agreeable time to meet, you will receive a link to the Jitutzu portal. Follow the link to register and at your scheduled appointment time you can enter the session virtually.
  • During your appointment, if possible, it is important to be in a private, distraction-free space.
  • Families with children at home can find this understandably challenging. Scheduling appointments when children are sleeping or otherwise occupied is best.

Can you provide counseling via Facetime or by phone?

For those clients who are less technically inclined or more comfortable with Facetime or phone (audio only), we are also able to accommodate you. However, telehealth with video allows much more of a connection which is especially important during this time of social distancing.

Is telehealth available for couple’s therapy too?

Yes, telehealth is available for couple’s therapy and couple’s intensives, as well as for family therapy.

Will my health insurance cover virtual therapy?

Most health insurance carriers will now cover the cost of telehealth appointments (face to face video) including Jituzu, phone and Facetime. See link below

We are bored and feel overwhelmed. What can we do to feel less helpless?

You certainly are not alone. Find below a list of activities that you and your family can do during this challenging time in our lives.

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