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On the surface, law firms do not have much in common with a mental health practice. That is inaccurate. At Lakefront, we have a practice specifically focused on law firms and their unique needs with legal education and with workshops.

Does Lakefront Counseling Group provide continuing education credit?

We provide continuing education credits for law practices seeking to meet their CEU requirements.  Not only will your staff and practice be more knowledgeable in the law, they will also be more compassionate while on the job as well!

Does Lakefront Counseling Group offer workshops?

We offer workshops for law firms in the following areas.

  • Engagement in the Workplace
  • Mindfulness
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Resilience in the Workplace
  • Social and Emotional Learning in Schools
  • Suffering and Compassion in the Workplace
  • Supporting family members of people with serious mental illness
  • Treatment of Serious Mental Illness

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We offer individual, couple and family counseling, as well as training and consultation. We are here and will continue to provide all of our services during the current Covid-19 outbreak via virtual technology. We have moved all of our services to a HIPAA compliant, online telehealth platform for your security and convenience. Telehealth is a confidential and simple way to access counseling. If you need expert psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, grief or anger and want to build new skills, we’re honored to help.

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