Dr Howard was truly amazing, so much so that I have referred her to many of my friends. As a recent college grad I was really struggling, and confused, about what to do next with my career and a questionable relationship I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue. It was making life unbearably stressful and I truly did not know what to do. Her kind and warm demeanor combined with a wise and knowledgeable way of understanding and guiding me changed my life and the direction I was headed. I’ve learned so much about myself and understand better what is most important to me. I’ve also learned how to stop panic attacks early before they build. I now have the tools to prevent them and an understanding of what they are so they don’t terrify me so much anymore.

Stephanie K

Chicago, IL
My wife and I were overwhelmed with several very difficult issues. It was badly affecting our marriage, and we were heading towards divorce.

Dr Howard really took the time to get to know us as a couple, understand what were going through, and provide new ways to look at and resolve our conflicts. In particular she used the Gottman method in a way we could understand, and through this approach we have definitely moved forward with a much better relationship and appreciation for each other. We are now very much optimistic about our marriage and looking forward to the future.

Bottom line: It was hard work, but with Dr Howard’s guidance we were able to work through our issues and are very happy clients!

Steven C.

Dr. Howard is a talented, and wise psychologist who has helped me to feel more confident and less critical of myself. I sought therapy after the ending of a long relationship. I felt damaged and unlovable. She provided solid guidance on what triggered these feelings and useful tools to prevent me from spiraling back down towards self hatred. I am now in a healthy relationship and use the techniques she taught me to communicate well and have the kind of relationship I always dreamed of.

Rhonda L

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