He Had the Affair but Why Do I Feel So Stupid?

Robyne F. Howard Psy.D. Lakefront Counseling Group, Ltd. Finding out that a spouse or significant other had an affair often creates intense feelings of trauma – including rage, resentment, anxiety, chronic “checking” behaviors, (his phones, email, bank statements, social media accounts and whatever else you can access), lack of sleep, ruminations about the other person, […]


Infertility, What Others Don’t Know

Robyne F. Howard Psy.D. Lakefront Counseling Group, Ltd. Not being able to conceive is a hidden, oftentimes lonely and painful place to find oneself. One in eight couples has trouble conceiving or carrying a child to full term. I have treated women for many years who struggle significantly when their body does not do what […]


The Only Way Out, is In

Robyne F. Howard, Psy.D. Lakefront Counseling Group, Ltd. Throughout one’s lifespan, it is nearly impossible to avoid challenges: loss of loved ones, financial difficulties, children with special needs, health issues, job loss, depression and anxiety, struggles with your partner or boss. The list goes on. Few of us live life unscathed. Developing strategies to manage […]


The 20’s, The Best Decade for Making Mistakes!

Robyne F. Howard Psy.D. Lakefront Counseling Group, Ltd. Not sure what choices to make in your life after graduating from college? It’s okay not to know! Launching into the adult world can be, and is, exhilarating, scary, dumb-founding, overwhelming, fun, your worst nightmare and “are-you-kidding, I have to do this myself now”, all rolled into […]

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